New Genetic Variant Offers Potential Protection Against Alzheimer’s Disease

New research has identified a genetic variant that may produce extreme resilience and protection against Alzheimer's disease.[0] The study followed an extended family in Colombia, where members develop Alzheimer's in their forties or earlier.[1] Many of the family members carry a genetic variant called the paisa mutation that inevitably leads to early-onset dementia.[2] However, the researchers identified a male family member with a second genetic mutation that protected him from dementia until the age of 67.[3] The mutation was found to be in a gene coding for a protein called reelin, which is associated with brain disorders, including schizophrenia and autism.[4] The mutation appears to limit the production of tau tangles, a hallmark sign of Alzheimer's, and protect the entorhinal cortex, a vital area involved in memory and learning.[5] The findings challenge the theory that Alzheimer's disease is primarily driven by amyloid plaques, which are the targets of several drugs recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.[6] The study suggests potential new avenues for treatment, but further research is required before this molecular pathway might be exploited to develop therapies.

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