Study Reveals Top Mosquito Attractants: Body Odor Trumps Carbon Dioxide

A recent study conducted by researchers from the US and Zambia has identified the scents that attract mosquitoes the most.[0] The study, which centred on the African malaria mosquito species, Anopheles gambiae, took place in a testing area equivalent to the size of an ice rink in Zambia.[1] The researchers built a 20-by-20-meter flight cage arena, where they released 200 mosquitos and tracked their activity using infrared motion cameras.[2] The study found that the insects had a significant preference for body odour as compared to carbon dioxide bait.[3] Additionally, mosquitoes were less likely to buzz over to scents with lots of the chemical eucalyptol, found in plants like sage and eucalyptus trees.[4] The study is one of the first to test how the Anopheles gambia mosquitos locate human hosts over longer distances in a ‘real world’ setting.[5] The researchers found that one volunteer who had a different body odour composition consistently avoided the mosquito’s attention.[6] The researchers hope that these findings contribute to the development of more effective repellants and traps.[7]

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