Measles Case Confirmed in Jessamine County, KDPH Urges Vaccination

The Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) has confirmed a case of measles in a Jessamine County resident who attended the multi-week revival at Asbury University in Wilmore.[0]

KDPH Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack said in a statement that anyone who attended the revival on Feb. 18 may have been exposed to measles, and those who are unvaccinated are encouraged to quarantine for 21 days and to seek immunization with the measles vaccine, which is safe and effective.[1]

The virus is highly contagious and early symptoms of measles include fever, cough and runny nose, followed by a rash three to five days after symptoms begin.[2]

The KDPH is collaborating with Asbury University, the Jessamine County Health Department, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate the case and to promote the measles vaccine in communities with low uptake.[3] Recent data from the CDC indicate Kentucky has one of the lowest measles vaccination coverage rates among kindergartners in the nation at less than 87%.[4]

The CDC has strongly encouraged medical professionals to be on the lookout for signs of measles among individuals who attended the gathering, and is collaborating with Kentucky authorities to identify any other potential cases.[5] The agency is also urging unvaccinated people who may have been exposed at the Asbury University gathering to contact a doctor and get vaccinated.[6]

The Jessamine County Health Department has announced it is planning to stand up a measles vaccine clinic in response to the potential outbreak.[7] Students at Asbury University are required to have received the two-dose MMR vaccine.[5]

The CDC is warning that community transmission of measles in connection with this event is possible, particularly among unvaccinated or under-vaccinated individuals.[8]

This story was first released on February 24th, 2023 at 9:30 PM.[9]

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